To be a premier safety and security solutions provider in East Africa.
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Company Profile

Safety is our #1 Priority.

FEDAN Fire Solutions Ltd is a leading, international provider of high quality wide range of smart, unique and creative safety and security solutions deeply committed to helping organizations develop resilience to disasters through disaster and security risk management. Our goal is to save lives and minimize impacts of disaster through training and consultancy services.

At FEDAN we research and work closely with our clients to design and develop training based on their needs thereby delivering appropriate solutions to disaster and security risks. Our affinity to achieving disaster resilience in a constantly changing industry to public, private and voluntary sectors is our major strength, supported by course facilitators with both wealth of operational experience and academic qualifications. Training is delivered either in-house or as an open course. Our recommended maximum participant to trainer ratio is no more than 30:1 in the classroom, falling to 10:1 or less in practical sessions.

Our consultancy services focuses on planning, audit, survey and procedures in both disaster and security management. Although you will find more information about our services and capabilities on this website, we will be happy to have a one on one discussion about your business needs. We are committed to attainment of client satisfaction.

Mission- To provide cost-effective quality safety solutions in order to protect lives and property

Vision- To be a premier safety and security solutions provider in East Africa.

FEDAN seeks to achieve the following objectives:
• Provide cost effective and unique safety solutions.
• Provide cost effective and unique security solutions.
• To Nurture, Attract and Retain High Caliber of Human Resource.
• To Embrace and Uphold High Integrity and Ethical Practice.

We are accredited by National Industrial Training Authority (NITA)

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