To be a premier safety and security solutions provider in East Africa.
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Vision, Mission & Values

Safety is our #1 Priority.
Mission - To provide cost-effective quality safety and security solutions in order to protect lives and property.

Vision - To be a premier safety and security solutions provider in Kenya and beyond.

Objectives - FEDAN seeks to achieve the following objectives:
a. Provide cost effective and unique safety solutions.
b. Provide cost effective and unique security solutions.
c. To Nurture, Attract and Retain High Caliber of Human Resource.
d. To Embrace and Uphold High Integrity and Ethical Practice.

Commitment – Fedan Fire Solutions Limited is committed to render cost-effective efficient and quality services to our clients.

Our Obligations
a. To offer quality goods and services.
b. To offer cost-effective goods and services.
c. To offer services to our clients within shortest time possible.
d. To appropriately advice our clients on best practices in safety and security.
e. To pay our suppliers within 30 days upon delivery of goods and services.

Clients Rights and Obligations
a. To receive quality goods and services as per the agreement.
b. To receives goods and services within the agreed timelines.

Products and Services
a. Training:
(1) Fire safety training.
(2) First aid training.
(3) Hazardous material (HAZMAT) training.
(4) Incident Command System (ICS) training.
(5) Counter terrorism training.
(6) OSH Committee training.
(7) ISO 45001:2018 Occupational health and safety management systems.
(8) Disaster preparedness related trainings.
b. Installation services - FEDAN offers the following fire installation, servicing and maintenance services:
(1) Fire alarm system (smoke and heat detection system).
(2) Fire suppression system.
(3) Fire hydrant system.

c. Products - FEDAN supply the following fire safety products:
(1) Fire extinguishers.
(2) Automatic Dry Powder.
(3) Dry Sprinkler Powder Aerosol (DSPA)
(4) Fire alarm control panel.
(5) Smoke detectors both wired and wireless.
(6) Fire alarm sounder.

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